Best Warm Beverages in Cape May

Three years ago at the Cape May Christmas Parade, we discovered Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate made at the Cape May Peanut Butter Company and did not believe we would find anything better than that on a cool Autumn  or Winter Day.  However, after taking a walk on the beach one day we discovered Coffee Tyme and the mochas they make . Now it is a  toss up in our eyes. You won’t go wrong with either. Today it was a stop at Coffee Tyme after spending  several hours on the beach . We treated ourselves with a Snickers mocha and a Peppermint mocha.

Both Coffee Tyme and the Cape May Peanut Butter Company have stores in the Washington Mall, which is an outdoor mall consisting of many types of stores. In addition to mocha’s, Coffee Tyme offers several types of coffees,  latte’s and other coffee based drinks, both hot and cold. If you like coffee based drinks and cannot find one that you like , you just are not thirsty. In addition, Coffee Tyme offers baked goods and sandwiches.

The Cape May Peanut Butter Company sells everything you can imagine peanut butter related and offers many flavors of peanut butter. They have a wide selection of peanut butter based baked goods and sandwiches…… but not PB&J?  They even have peanut butter flavored dog treats. If you aren’t thirsty for their Peanut butter hot chocolate when visiting, you can purchase the ingredients there and make it at home.  It is a very unique shop that you should visit.


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